Isaac’s story or „How Dr. Mike Kawooya’s help changed my life”

My name is Isaac Mbaziira. I was born in 1997 in Kireeka, East-Uganda. My father works in a small grocery shop and my mother is a seamstress. Together with my 3 brothers we tried to make ends meet. When I was around 10 years old I realized something was wrong with me. I was often in terrible pain that did not respond well to pain medication. Initially my parents thought this was due to my playing football all the time. But at some point it got so bad, so they took me to different clinics in Kampala. After many visits I was told that I had sickle cell disease. Unfortunately due to this illness my joints would be destroyed progressively. At the age of 13 I could barely walk. Around the time of my graduation from school I couldn’t walk at all. My family was desperate. A doctor in Kampala told me it was best to amputate the leg to relieve the pain. He said, „If your father doesn’t have the money to buy a car, how do you think he will afford the operation of your leg?“. I started to lose all hope seeing myself as homeless on the streets of Kampala.

My brother heard of the Kawooyas and contacted them. At that time they were living in Kampala (2016). Through the help of many donations of „angels“ from Germany and a lot of support from my hometown, in October 2017 I could finally get the surgery I needed, an artificial hip joint. After only 6 weeks I started walking again. I couldn’t believe it!! I am incredibly grateful for the help of the Kawooyas and will certainly support their clinic!

Today I make my own money. I set up a printing office with my brother and I am able to support my family financially.

Isaac Mbaziira mit Dr. Mike Kawooya
Isaac Mbaziira with Dr. Mike Kawooya
Röntgenbild von Isaacs Bein
X-ray of Isaac’s leg